Sunday, October 23, 2016

About the Mexico MTC

The Mexico Missionary Training Center was established in 1979 in Campestre Churubusco in Mexico City, with missionaries receiving their training through the Churubusco stake. In 1980, Ernest LeRoy Hatch was called as the MTC president. He and his wife, both from the Mormon colony in Chihuahua, took care of all training and administration. At that time each group of missionaries numbered between 40 and 50. The Relief Society sisters from Tlalpan, Churubusco, and Ermita made tortas (sandwiches) for the missionaries’ lunch, the only meal they would eat until they returned to the Brasilia Hotel, which served as their residence. 

In 1983, missionaries began residing and training at the temple complex in Mexico, using space in the Aragon stake center until November 28, 2006, when the old Aragon stake center was rededicated as the missionary training center building. 

In June of 2013 the Church High School, “Centro Escolar Benemérito de las Américas” was converted into the second largest Missionary Training Center and a large number of North Americans assigned to Spanish speaking missions in the western hemisphere began to be trained there.

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