Monday, September 11, 2017

Where's Your Faith?

We have to leave here pretty soon for Riverside for our Multi-Zone activity so here's my favorite experience from the whole week:

So, we had the coolest experience last night. We were so close to hitting standard three weeks in a row but we didn't have time to fit language study in during the day so we headed in a little early so we could be obedient and get all of our studies in. So we sent in our accountability to the zone leaders and they sent us a text back saying to go back out and work for an hour. We explained we had language study to do, but they were like, "And? Y'all need ONE more investigator until you hit standard." So at first I was a little angry, I am going to be honest. However, anger fires me up so I was like, "ALRIGHT LET'S DO THIS. I WILL BE DOING LANGUAGE STUDY UNTIL 10:30 BUT THAT'S OKAY. LET'S GO." We knelt down to pray after choosing a referral to go see and I don't think I have EVER prayed with that much passion before in my life. My faith was on fire. I knew we were going to find another investigator. Another child of God to bring back into the fold.

So we ran out to the car and went over to the Santiago Trails and guess what??? We had a lesson and picked up TWO new investigators. The whole time I just had so much faith. When she opened the door and we were talking with her in my mind I was all, "I have the faith. You will let us in and let us share a message of Jesus Christ." After we were done teaching I was all, "I have the faith. You will let us come back for a return appointment." AND THEY SAID YES. My chest was on FIRE and I just felt a burn inside of me like I have never felt before. It was incredible. I am so grateful for our incredible zone leaders that push us harder than we ever thought we could go. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have hit standard three weeks in a row and I wouldn't have had that faith-building experience. I am so grateful for these miracles and blessings that we get to see each and every day.

Also, if this picture doesn't explain STL/half companion life I don't know what does. So proud of my companion for completing two transfers of being an STL, she killed it.

Monday, September 4, 2017



So I don't have much of an update because I just emailed on Friday. Just know that I feel the most blessed than I think I have ever felt in my life. I love my companion. I love Moreno Valley. My ward is incredible. We are now working with TWO incredible families plus Destiny and a new investigator Norma who came to church yesterday. I love this work with all of my heart and I learn something new every day. I am nowhere close to the missionary I need to be. I falter every day. Sometimes I feel like I still belong in training. However, I am learning to have patience with myself and just learn and move on. Progression truly is such a beautiful gift. I love being able to grow WITH my investigators. I know I am leaving in three weeks and it breaks my heart. However, I am going to make the best of the next three weeks. I love this Gospel and these precious children of God. How did I ever get so lucky to serve a mission? I loved being able to go to the temple this week. The Spirit is to tangible in the temple and I received revelation like I never have before. Oh how I long to be in the temple again...but I know there will be time for that after my mission. It was beautiful to be reminded of the sacred covenants I have made with my loving Heavenly Father.

Hermana Soto is the love of my life and she took us to not only the temple but CAFE RIO!

Isn't the Redlands Temple just stunning? 

My cutie comp let me steal her dress for the day and it was an honor to go to the temple with her. Not only are we doing work for the people that are living, but dead as well. What an honor to work together on both sides of the veil.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Pday = TEMPLE!!

So, we didn't have Pday on Monday because we get to go to the temple today!!!! I am so so so excited because it has been around seven months since I got to go last!

Here was our recent MFAM project.....repainting a helicopter! I had to paint the inside of the door frame but the door wouldn't stay open so I had to get a little creative.

Here is the aftermath:

Our little Familia N is progressing super well! We taught them tithing this week and Angel comes up to me, drops two quarters in my hand, and said, "Here is my tithing!!" They come to church every Sunday and last Sunday during church, we finally taught the dad and he is willing to listen and give us a chance! It was a miracle because he is never home so the only time we see him is when he goes sometimes with the family to church! So that just means we will have to teach him and his wife during second or third hour, because that is the only time out of the week he has. Also, the little three year old Penelope picked a bunch of flowers for us and Hna Moran attempted to make a flower crown...which kind of worked?

Had a ton of testimony-building experiences that I wish I could share but they are kicking us off early today. Love y'all!

Look up 2 Nephi's my new favorite!

Hermana Tonini

Monday, August 21, 2017

Part 2

I dusted the top off a really old plane with a flipping paintbrush. It took two hours of me sitting on top of a ladder to just get this far. Super cool though. 

 Are you even surprised?
Sister Mackley's birthday picture. 

Sickos X2

So uh, I don't have much for this week. My comp was sick at the beginning of the week and then she got me SUPER sick so we had a really slow week. My comp hated me bc I was stubborn and didn't want to stay in. I somehow got through the week by just taking a nap everyday to get the energy to go out and work in the evening. It truly was a testimony builder of the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ because we were able to go out and work, which I didn't think I was physically capable to do. I am starting up on the recovery slope and I am really just kind of glad this week is over. What was really cool was I went to get a Priesthood blessing from my district leader Elder Peterson. Afterwards, my chest felt like it was free. I was having difficulty breathing and wheezing from my cough and it was just...gone! I love love love the priesthood. I am so blessed to be constantly surrounded by worthy priesthood holders. But anyways, this email will just have a lot of pictures, some of them are a couple of weeks old...sorry!

Our investigator Destiny (pmf/menos activo) made us slime after one of our lessons!

Our zone last transfer <3 Best zone I have ever had in the mission and half of them left us :(

Zone selfie highlighting Elder Jackson who is now AJ Jackson and I am still angry that he is home now and we are trying to riot so he comes back.