Friday, December 30, 2016

She's a Card-Carrying Member!

(From my journal)

Even though there was a "No Travel Advised" warning for Highway 83 between Minot and Bismarck and that we saw three overturned vehicles on our drive, we made our scheduled appointment at the Bismarck Temple tonight with Corina.  President and Sister Russell Osgulthorpe greeted us a the door and they could not have been more loving or focused on our daughter.  We meet in the temple president's office for a few minutes and I loved to see Sister Osgulthorpe driving the conversation as President Osgulthorpe listened.  She escorted Corina and Raena to the Initiatory and then we met up again in the Endowment Room.  The session was very small - other than us, there were two other sisters and President Osgulthorpe.  Consequently, we were asked to be the witness couple.  It also meant that I would not be able to stand with Corina in the prayer circle but no worries, President Osgulthorpe was a qualified substitute!

Unlike other recently-departing missionaries, there wasn't a huge ward family (or family, for that matter) to meet Corina when she entered the Celestial Room - just us.  And that was fine (although we certainly missed having other family and friends there).  It gave us an opportunity to visit with her and quietly discuss her experience.  Raena and I (briefly) celebrated having a third child receive his/her endowments but we know that it is just the beginning.  The real measure of their agency will be if they endure faithfully to the end.

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