Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Call!

Hermana Tonini was able to speak to much of her extended family today!  In addition to her parents and brother, Carson, in Minot, we were able to Skype in Jacob & Mandie from Provo, Drew, Shavaun, and Zowie were visiting from Bismarck, and Grandma Tonini and Aunt Sheryl were in Minot for Drew's graduation so everyone got to talk to her!

Funny story from the call as told by Hermana Tonini:

Hna Chandler:  Hermana Tonini, do you like to make pies?
Hna Tonini:  I don't even like to eat pies, why would I like to make pies?
Hna Chandler:  Well, there is a pie pan in the kitchen with your name on it!

Yes, Hermana Tonini is living in an apartment once occupied by Elders, including her own brother!  (Hopefully the pie pan had been washed since he returned home three years ago!)

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