Monday, July 17, 2017

Por que no?

So man. I keep running out of time. So, I have attached my letter to my mission president because it was the highlight of my week and I don't have time to rewrite it again in English, so just stick it in Google translate. Except that I don't have have a Spanish keyboard so only half of the things that need accents have one. Whoops.

The other highlight of my week was with our investigator D***. I had the most SPIRITUAL baptism invite ever. I could just feel the Spirit surging through me. Once I invited him to be baptized you want to know what he said? Por que no? Why not?

Best acception to baptism of my entire mission. I mean why not? Why wouldn't one want to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone that has the authority of god?

Also, I hit my six month mark today! Time is flying!!! I love you all!

"En esta carta, yo quiero compartir una experiencia con usted. He tenido una incitación por un tiempo al buscar con fe en una área porque siempre la pasamos en nuestro camino a la iglesia y nunca he caminado allá. Entonces, un día, decidimos buscar con fe por la calle Gifford aunque gastaría muchos millas. Pero, cuando llegamos a la hora para buscar con fe, hablamos y decidimos que no tuvimos millas suficientes para manejar por allá. Entonces, decidimos a buscar con fe en un vecindario acerca del vecindario de la ultima persona que íbamos a pasar por la noche. Cuando empece a manejar, pasmaos una familia latina MUY GRANDE, y estaban trabajando afuera de la casa. Recibí una incitación para estacionar. Y una otra. Otra vez. Eventualmente, estacione rápidamente y en la ultima segunda. Ofrecí una oración antes de salir alegando con el Señor. Alegando que hubo una razón que estacione. La familia por quien paramos? No tuvo interés. Pero, todavía tuve fe que hubo una razón. En nuestro camino a nuestro carro estacionado en Gentian, hablamos con MUCHAS personas. Tuvimos dos potenciales con mucha promesa y tuvimos una oportunidad al enseñar a Reyna. Gastamos DOS HORAS en una calle. Sola una. Y recibimos dos potenciales, una referencia para los Elderes, y una nueva investigadora. Sé que no es un milagro de TAN tamaño, pero en mis ojos, fue un gran milagro. También, me enseñó una lección de gran importancia. Necesite seguir MUCHOS de los susurros de El Espiritu Santo. Primero, Gifford. Segundo, cambiar nuestras planes y buscar en un diferente vecindario cual nos guió a manejar pasando esta familia.  Tercera, estacionar y hablar con la familia. El Señor estaba  preguntándome, "Quiere esto? Que va a hacer para tener los milagros que esta alegando? Va a tener paciencia? Va a tener fe?" 

Tuve la fe y la paciencia y vimos milagros por la calle Gentian. Cuando pongamos nuestra confianza en el Señor veremos milagros. Lo sé." 


In this letter, I want to share an experience with you. I've had an urge for a while to search faithfully in an area because we always pass it on our way to church and have never walked there. Then, one day, we decided to search faithfully for Gifford Street even though it would spend many miles. But when we arrived at the time to search with faith, we talked and decided that we did not have enough miles to drive there. So we decided to search faithfully in a neighborhood about the neighborhood of the last person we were going to spend at night. When I started driving, I was stunned by a VERY LARGE Latino family, and they were working outside the house. I received a prompting to park. And another one. Again. Eventually, park quickly and on the last second. I offered a prayer before going out pleading with the Lord. Claiming that there was a reason to park. The family we stopped for? He had no interest. But, I still had faith that there was a reason. On our way to our car parked in Gentian, we talked to MANY people. We had two potentials with a lot of promise and we had a chance to teach Reyna. We spent TWO HOURS on a street. Only one. And we received two potentials, a reference for the Elders, and a new investigator. I know it is not a BIG miracle, but in my eyes, it was a great miracle. Also, he taught me a lesson of great importance. Need to follow MANY of the Whispers of The Holy Spirit. First, Gifford. Second, change our plans and look in a different neighborhood that guided us to drive past this family. Third, park and talk with family. The Lord was asking me, "Do you want this? What will you do to have the miracles you are claiming? Will you have patience? Will you have faith?"

I had faith and patience and saw miracles down Gentian Street. When we put our trust in the Lord we will see miracles. I know it.

Hermana Tonini

P.S.  Please enjoy my free garage sale dress from a less active family we stopped by this week. I love it. It has pockets.

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