Monday, February 27, 2017

If You Are In an Airport and You See Mormon Missionaries...

...ask them if they would like to borrow your phone to call home.

We received this gem while she was in transit in Mexico City.  She described the photographer as "a nonmember Canadian guy originally from Mexico...he was really nice!"

And then, shortly before she was to board her flight to California, she was able to borrow another traveler's phone to make a quick call.  Raena couldn't find me (I was outside shoveling snow) so by the time I got my hands on the phone, I only had a few seconds to tell her I love her and that we can't wait to talk to her in May.  Afterwards, Raena exchanged this IM with the owner of the phone:

Thank you for letting my sweet missionary call!  It meant the world!

For anything! I heard them behind me on the escalator
and they sounded so heartbroken.  I wish they could have
had more time.  She looked energetic and ready to get to work!  
You'd be very proud!

Thanks.  We really are proud of her.  Miss her so much.  Thanks for the gift!

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