Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week Four - Get Me Out of Here

SO, hello first of all! Today is our first real/full pday and I couldn't be happier. I'm getting a little antsy just because I'm going a little insane here at the CCM. I love my district with my whole heart but I'm getting a little tired of the classes. It's all good, I only have less than two weeks left here, isn't that just crazy?

My comp and I decided this week that we are going to finish the Book of Mormon by March 17th, two months since we left home. I picked up where I left off in 2nd Nephi before I came out and I'm almost done with Mosiah! All I want to do is just sit and read my scriptures, and I've NEVER had that desire before! I've learned and felt so much this time compared to the one time ever I read it for Personal Progress. I feel like when you read to feast it makes a huge difference than reading it to check off the box. You know? Also I love the book of Mosiah. So much. Also in one of our Book of Mormon classes this week we read a FANTASTIC chapter, so if you're looking for a good read check out Alma 38.

Also last Thursday while we were playing volleyball, which we do every day during gym time, Hermana Harper and I went for the ball at the same time. My comp spanked it and can you guess where it went? Right in my face. I went blind in my right eye for a quick second because that's how hard it hit me. We all got a good laugh out of it though, especially Elder Hagemeyer. It brought him to his knees he laughed so hard. Let's just say it's always a good time when we play volleyball.

Also I've really been praying to have more patience and charity. Charity has been easier to work on because I just do little acts of service whenever I can. But patience? Patience is on the inside and I've ALWAYS struggled with patience. Everyone in my life probably knows it too. And if you pray to develop a Christlike attribute, Heavenly Father blesses you with opportunities to grow. Which means I've had a lot of times this week that have tested my patience. A lot. I think the key point is to RECOGNIZE that they are opportunities to grow. I still have a lot to work on because I wasn't very patient in those times, BUT I'm getting better at recognizing when the Lord blesses me with opportunities to grow.

(I told my comp about this and she thinks everyone is going to think ALL of my patience trying came from her. So I am here to say they weren't ALL from her)

On Sunday, in one of our devotionals, my comp and I were asked to say the prayers. When Presidente Lyons announced it, he said "Elder Tonini will be saying the opening prayer" MY FACE GOT SO RED!! And he said Elder Harper too!! It was funny for the two of us because like two hours earlier we were talking about how sometime we are more of Elders than our Elders in our district sometimes. Mainly because we both grew up with three brothers. I firmly believe God has a sense of humor.

So since it's our fifth week that means we start a new segment called "Congrats you get to pretend to be an investigator now" on top of all of the other teaching we do. So pretty much you create a profile based on someone you know (so I'm using Camie's story of course) and then two missionaries from your district teach you. We only did the first rotation this week, which was teaching Elder Snowden with Hermana Braybrooke. We only have ten minutes for this lesson. And obviously since it was the first one, we had to get to know him. However, we wanted to leave him at the end with at message of Christ and how we are here to bring people to Him. I testified of my Savior while showing my favorite picture of the Savior and I just felt the Spirit so much. And the love I have for Him. And of His love and understanding. I just felt all of it at once and I cried. Of course. Classic Hermana Tonini. Everyone was so confused when my whole district saw I was crying bc it was only a ten minute basic lesson. But, I testified of Christ you know?

We had a crazy good lesson with Anastacia this week! She's been taking lessons for six years? (Our teacher isn't very good at background) so we told her that since she definitely knows all the doctrine, we are just going to focus on how each part of the gospel impacts her personally. That's so key when teaching is application. Otherwise, your words mean nothing. Also beforehand I prayed that I would be the Holy Ghost's tool instead of the other way around. And it helped to teach with the Spirit. It was just a great lesson, and it's all because the Spirit was there.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day how crazy?? My first holiday out in the field! Hermana Tueller wrote the three of us cards and left them on our desks in the morning. It totally made my day bc it reminded me of how Mom would always get us a little something for the holiday even though she loathes it. It was just a little touch of home, and it was perfect.

Last thing, our devotionals last night was broadcasted from the Provo MTC. AND GUESS WHO I SAW TWICE?? ELDER MCKAY MOULTON MY BEST FRIEND! I started crying bc it was such a gift from God I felt. Like I got to see him blown up on the screen watching him take notes and preparing to serve out in the field. I just love all the Elders, because that means they are all worthy Priesthood holders. My comp and I are like best friends with Elder Mikos and McCormick because Elders are just so much fun and have such strong testimonies! I'm just so grateful for their worthiness to be out here.

Also for pday today we didn`t want to go to lunch bc that meant having to get back in a dress. So we ate queso and chips for lunch (that Hermana Harper got from her mom) and we warmed the queso on the iron. Brilliant huh? Our bff Elders taught us that little trick.

And then I decided I wanted to learn how to do a handstand, which as you can see, I accomplished.

Also since I barely have any pics this week, here`s another one from the temple that I love.

Love y'all with all my heart,
Hermana Tonini

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