Monday, March 20, 2017


So, last Monday we contacted a referral named Maria R***. Like without an appointment, we just swung by her house. She apologized for being in shorts but said she was in nicer clothes earlier because she was expecting us...? And we had about five people to choose form to go see, but the Spirit prompted me to choose Maria. I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST. She is a golden investigator, at least so far. She used to be a Catholic and later a Jehovah's Witness and she kind of lowkey bashed on both religions? Like, that night she offered the closing prayer and asked for forgiveness for how long it has been since she's prayed. And we didn't even call her to repentance! And when we mentioned prophets to her, she thought it made total sense. Like, I feel like she is elect and ready. And we met again this week and got her on date!!

On the 17th I hit my two-month mark! Isn't that just insane?? And my comp hits her halfway mark tomorrow!

During Buscando con Fe this week we climbed up this huge hill and we were having no luck. Because it was just a bunch of big houses spread apart. However, the LAST house at the top of this big hill we ran into NACHO (CAN I BORROW SOME SWEATS?) who was a gardener for this house and he was totally interested! However, he is in the Spanish Elders' area, so we had to send it off. But it was still cool!!!

Saturday was CRAZY! We were out Buscando con Fe and a Hispanic lady just invited us into her home, and we didn't even ask! She let us teach her most of the first lesson! We have another appointment with her this week, and I am so excited! But that has NEVER happened to me before! We are lucky to even get their information, not to mention getting invited into their home????? And then the Ramona Elders had a baptism that day which we were going because one of our investigators (the one on probation and can't get baptized) was going to attend. However, he last minute didn't show up which was hard, and then we had to teach the Restoration while we were waiting for Elder Eldridge and Lupe to get dressed, because that's what we do here in this mission? We teach the whole Restoration in like seven minutes? I am not a fan. I don't understand. So, they had us teach that and I accidentally skipped over half of the Restoration and then froze up in the middle of the First Vision. SO GREAT I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. WHY CAN'T I SPEAK SPANISH? Yeah...not a good time for me.

So, this week was hard. I feel like I don't know how to teach or speak or do anything right pretty much. But we were so blessed. We have so many investigators and so many on date, and the work is excellent. It was very bittersweet. I am just going to keep working hard through this, praying, and having faith in grace. That's all I can really do.


Hermana Tonini

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