Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Thought You Looked Familiar

It is a small world - especially when you are a Romney.  Would you believe that Corina is related to her mission president?!?

                                                                                Hermana Tonini
President Mullen                                                           Mom
            |                                                                             |
Charlotte Romney                                                Grandpa Romney
            |                                                                             |
Gordon Romney                                                    Ianthus B. Romney Sr
            |                                                                             |
Miles Archibald Romney  -----  brothers -----       Eugene Romney
            \                                                                             /
              \                                                                          /
                \ --------------     Miles Park Romney --------  /

To make the relationship even closer, President Mullen's dad was in the El Paso stake presidency with Corina's maternal great-grandfather, IB Romney Sr, at the same time that her paternal grandfather, Daryl Tonini, was on the High Council.

Small world indeed.

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